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An Amazing Mobile Phone With Amazing Features

Vivo V20 is an all new smartphone from the company of Samsung. This device is not made by the brand but it was one of their first smartphone models. Since it is manufactured by the third party company, it has several advantages over other models of the company’s smartphone products. Some of these advantages are outlined below. The all new design of this handset has taken some beating in the manufacturing unit, but that is all part of the marketing campaign they have been doing for this product. Now that it has been launched, lets see how well it performs in the market.

As far as battery life is concerned, the handset has a very good battery life. The vivo v20 2100 has a high capacity of 1 hour and thirty minutes of talk time on the single charge, which means you can use it on the go. The camera and flash of the phone too are capable of lasting till the end of your session in the office or at home.

One of the unique features of the vivo v20 is that it does not include a camera. However, the absence of camera helps in two different ways. The lack of camera reduces the chance of photo prone phones like the Nokia E71. Camera setup is another feature that is unique about this smartphone. You can get a camera setup that comes with your cellular service provider, and also, a camera that you may purchase separately.

If we look at the battery life of the vivo v20, it is really impressive. The handset has a great capacity of two and a half hours of talk time on the single charge. In addition to that, the camera has an impressive resolution of 5 megapixels, along with optical zoom. There are many other advanced features as well, like screen wipe, image stabilization, panorama, image flipping and so on.

The vivo v20 comes with software such as, Titanium Backup Pro, Flip clothe Pro, My Yahoo!, Skype, etc. It is also loaded with Google Maps, so you do not have to worry about directions. It is loaded with the Android version 4.2 and includes all the latest features of Android OS. The handset runs on the offline data plan, and does not come under contract.

While talking about the battery life of the vivo v20, you should know that it lasts for more than four hours. This is far more than what you would get from a regular smartphone, which unfortunately lags behind in terms of performance. However, you do not need to worry about the battery, as it lasts for more than six hours, including the time needed to charge the phone. There is no such slow loading time as there was with the qualcomm snapdragon 720g. You can easily download websites and stream videos, which further add to the battery.

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